Where to buy a house in Spain

Many investors decide to buy a villa in Spain, and make this choice for a reason. Buying a house abroad, especially in a promising developing country – an excellent investment in real estate. Own house with a plot of land can be rented out or used as your own home, as a permanent or holiday home. Real estate in Spain is purchased by residents of EU countries, in particular, Britain, France, Italy, Norway and Germany (among the representatives of these countries, Spanish villas and apartments are in greatest demand).  

The most popular regions in Spain

Most often, investors buy houses in three autonomous regions:

  • Catalonia;
  • Andalusia;
  • Valencia.

Preference is given to coastal areas as well as major developed cities such as Barcelona. Moreover, it is the Catalonia region in recent years is gaining popularity among investors wishing to buy a villa in Spain. Investors are attracted by the climatic zone of the region, the historical component (many architectural and historical monuments), its economic component. There is another reason why investors prefer to buy property in Catalonia is the transport connection. All the resorts in the region are connected by convenient highways and railway routes to the central city of the region – Barcelona.  This fact is the most attractive for business owners in Spain. Another popular place where real estate is often purchased is Mallorca.

Current offers

The real estate firm https://yes-mallorca-property.com/ sells real estate directly in Mallorca without any intermediaries. The company’s distinctive advantages are its impressive experience in real estate sales. In the property base there are variants of luxury mansions and inexpensive houses with garden area, swimming pool. Agency staff will help you buy a villa in Spain at a suitable price: taking into account the wishes of the client, managers will choose the most suitable options, among which the buyer will personally choose a house for purchase.

Most tourists who come to Spain on a trip, one way or another, visit Barcelona. This city is a must on almost all sightseeing routes. This is how Barcelona has become one of the most popular destinations for recreation and tourism. Accordingly, among the visitors are not few who are planning to buy housing in Spain in the future, and familiarized with all the regions under consideration, many choose Catalonia or the islands close to it. An example of such an island is Mallorca, so you can buy property here.  

The image of a real estate buyer

According to statistics, a typical buyer of the villa – a solid businessman who has a family (wife and children). Almost always with higher education and an impressive tourist experience. Housing, which is considered by buyers – this villa, an area of 100 m2, with several bedrooms (an average of 2 – 4), garden and pool on the territory.

The Mallorca coastline has been a favourite holiday destination for many decades in a row.  Rich and famous people have been coming here almost since the early 20th century. In addition, tourists and potential buyers are attracted by the combination of progressive modernity and preserved history of past years, and all this decorates and diversify the landscape of the modern coast.

Education in Spain

For families, an important aspect when buying a house or villa is the availability of educational institutions and the very quality of education. Spain has a high quality of secondary and higher education. In addition to general education institutions, there are private language schools, where teaching is conducted in English, after studying in which a child can enter not only Spanish, but also world colleges and universities.