What is Andropen 275?

Andropen is a powerful steroid drug that uses as many as five testosterone esters as active ingredients. It is not without reason considered one of the strongest means for use in mass-gathering courses (if the recommendations are followed, it can provide a maximum increase in muscle mass in a short time, coupled with an increase in endurance and strength indicators).

The active ingredients contain: testosterone decanoate, cypionate , phenylpropionate , propionate and acetate in various concentrations. This harmonious mix allows the drug to provide uniform exposure throughout ie almost the entire period of activity, which, incidentally, comes to 3 weeks after the last injection. For this reason, there is no need to frequently performing injections.

The drug is designed to provide powerful effects of testosterone without any noticeable declines throughout ie the maximum period. The active substances one after another are included in the work, performing the task assigned to them.

After the Andropen injection, the acetate ester is turned on first. Its half-life is the shortest of all (less than a day). The second is propionate (half-life – about 2 days), followed by phenylpropionate (half-life – about 4 days), after cypionate (half-life – about 7 days), and the last – decanoate (half-life – about 12 days). More info here https://theroids.ws/.

Andropen 275 Effects:

  • Fast set of muscle mass;
  • Strengthening hematopoiesis;
  • Improving oxygen transport;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Increase in power indicators;
  • Increased mental and physical performance;
  • Increased appetite.

It is also known that during the course, there can be an improvement in the function of ligaments, joints and bones, and even an increase in libido (while injections are performed).

Side effects possible due to Andropen 275:

  • Increased sweating, increased skin oiliness, acne and other androgenic disorders;
  • fluid retention, increased blood pressure, increased body fat, gynecomastia;
  • Decrease in own production of testosterone;
  • Masculinization in women due to increased androgen activity.

It is a very strong androgen, so it is actually contraindicated for women for sports purposes. Men who are prone to side effects should inject with caution and do not exceed the recommended dosages.

Andropen 275 reviews describe as the strongest steroid recommended primarily for experienced athletes. Such a drug is able to provide marked improvements even for professional athletes, let alone ordinary sports fans seeking to develop their current physical form. It in itself is an almost ready-made course, which is a definite plus for those athletes who, for one reason or another, want to save money when buying pharmacology.

Following the acquisition should observe the storage conditions to Andropen 275 remained effective throughout ie the maximum period. Firstly, store it at a temperature not higher than room temperature, and secondly, choose a dark and inaccessible storage location, since their long exposure is detrimental to injection.

Course Andropen 275

This steroid preparation ( mix of five testosterones) has a wide range of effects, therefore it is considered relevant for various sports. This is not only bodybuilding and strength disciplines, but also, for example, martial arts.

The recommended dosages of Andropen for athletic purposes vary depending on the athlete (needs and fitness level). On average, doses of the order of 275-550 mg per week are used (respectively, 1-2 ml of the drug). For the majority of those using this, these are the preferred dosages that are not associated with an increased risk of side effects, however, they may seem insufficient to experienced and professional athletes.

The course of application of Andropen 275 is able to provide good results even in solo. If you want to achieve the greatest improvement, then in this case the drug should be used in parallel with methandienone and / or nandrolone (classic bundles). Combination courses with stanozolol , boldenone , turinabol, or long-acting trenbolone ( enanthate or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ) are also popular .

PCT is mandatory. During post-cycle therapy, the antiestrogen tamoxifen or its analogue clomiphene is usually used (they help to increase the level of their own testosterone). On the course itself, it may be necessary to take anastrozole ( aromatase inhibitor ) and / or mesterolone ( Proviron ) tablets .

When planning a course of Andropen 275 in bodybuilding, you may ask yourself questions about the choice of working doses, drugs for combination, compilation of PCT, which are difficult to answer on your own. In such a situation, it is better to get recommendations from experienced specialists who are familiar with sports pharmacology firsthand. Visit the Resource Forum and chat with professional advisors, including a bodybuilding coach, or sports veterans, whose advice will help you deal with contentious issues. You can find more information here https://theroids.ws/andropen-300/.

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