Trends For Curvy Girls

Curvy girls have it tough when it comes to dressing. But, there are no set rules in fashion which you should stick to, and the fashion gods will not come crashing down on top of you. Dare to make a statement this season with all the apt fashion essentials in town. Most importantly, you need to know how to hide the ample curves.

Read on to find out how in a few easy ways you can transform yourself into a slimmer self. Here’s how you can easily enhance your best assets.

Vital Fashion Staples

The rule is to opt for solid hues instead of crazy or neon colours or large prints. Sleek, simple, non-ruffled outfits will complement you.

  • Have a few button up shirts and feminine tops in your closet, it can make you look feminine and classy. In fact, it would look good on any body type.
  • Opt for full-printed jumpsuits or rompers. These should be in every curvy girl’s wardrobe. The prints camouflage the not so great parts, giving a toned look.
  • Get yourself a skater dress in varied hues or floral prints, it beautifully hides you waist down if you are well-endowed, camouflages the bottom and makes your waist look thinner. Skater dresses in fit and flare styles also make you look feminine and skim over your hips.
  • Sheath dresses flatter your figure type. This is almost a staple, works from day to night so go pick a few in black, navy blue, slate grey or maroon.
  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are always appealing and flatter curvy women. They are easy, breezy, and casual so why not make them your best friend. Get them in chiffon, georgettes, satin and knife pleats.
  • Embrace midi-skirts like it’s your go-to item in your wardrobe. These skirts preferably in A-line or pencil skirts can hide the flab on your thighs and buttocks. Pair it up with a shirt or a plain tee and you are instantly transformed.
  • If you wish to go short, don’t fear! Simply shop around for chino shorts or Bermuda shorts or Capri instead of the teeny weeny hot pants. They are comfortable and high on style quotient.
  • Go retro! The 70’s style fashion can hide those extra kilos with ease. From high-waisted pants to bell bottoms, just let go of your inhibitions.
  • Now, here is a must-have to go every attire that you have in your wardrobe – the waist belt! This miraculous piece can make you look slender by adding definition to your curves.
  • Lastly, undergarments are vital for curvy women who have large busts. And an ill fitting undergarment can be unflattering to say the least! Therefore, make sure you wear a shape-wear to smoothen out unwanted curves or bumps under any attire, making your body look much slimmer.