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Tren-mix combines three types of trenbolone – acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate . And this is the perfect combination for gaining quality muscle mass. Each of the constituent types of trenbolone reinforce each other’s action, coming into play consistently. It is a long-acting androgenic and anabolic steroid, which means that injections do not need to be done often. 

Tren-mix provokes protein retention, which ensures the set of dry muscle mass without excessive accumulation of fluid in the athlete’s body. And fatty deposits are used as fuel to generate additional strength and energy.

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Effects of the Tren-mix course :

Tren mix is often used by experienced athletes, as it is one of the most powerful steroids. As for the dosage, it is recommended to take up to 300 mg of the drug per week, which are divided into two or three doses. The duration of the course is about 6 weeks. During this time, you can “squeeze out” the maximum of positive effects without provoking side reactions.

On the solo course, the effects of taking the drug are as follows:

  • high-quality set of muscle mass. The body literally before our eyes turns into a beautiful and muscular with a well-defined relief;
  • all excess fluid is removed from the body, removing the effect of “inflating” muscle mass;
  • power indicators increase significantly, additional energy appears;
  • the fat layer is quickly burned. The athlete’s body begins to use it as a fuel base.

In addition to the solo course, combined courses are very popular with athletes. Thus, tri-trenbolone goes well with turinabol and all testosterone esters. For even better relief, Tren Mix can be combined with Winstrol or Stanozolol . After any course, do not forget about the mandatory post-cycle therapy.

Tren mix reviews

Tren-mix is a favorite drug of athletes in the pre-competition period. It is thanks to him that athletes perform at competitions in all their glory, demonstrating, so to speak, the entire anatomical set of muscles. Tren-mix reviews indicate the perfect drawing of the relief after the course. Most athletes are in favor of the Tren mix . How could it be otherwise! Indeed, with the right approach and following all the recommendations, the drug does not cause any negative reactions. Plus, it is one of the few drugs that can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. In addition, the drug is not inclined to convert into estrogens, which is also a strong argument in favor of tren.    More information on the link:

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