A few weekends ago I got to go to the,now world famous, #revolveinthehamptons house (or should I say houseS). I would like to say it was a relaxing weekend in the beautiful, quaint, scenic town of Bridgehampton- but let’s be real. It was a party!

From all you can eat brunches, to chic luncheons with all the influencer babes, pool parties, dinners at all the hotspots and even Club Revolve in the house hosted by 1OAK. A lot to do= a lot of outfits. The weekend went by way too fast, the Revolve team makes every single second of the day incredible (and of course photo worthy!)

At one point we had to instate no phone policy at dinner (but only for one hour! Haha). Here’s a roundup of a bunch of pics from the weekend and some of my looks! Must have packing list for the Hamptons: Little summer dresses, blush colored everything, bright red bikinis, stripes, and denim shorts.