Manufacture of signs and light letters

Effective advertising and easy perception of information by means of signboards. Advertising signs, as well as information stands can be found almost at every step of any city, but the positive impression of their perception, recognizability and as a consequence, the usefulness of each sign can vary greatly. Therefore, the development of design and direct production of signs should be carried out in close cooperation and coordination of each stage of the company’s employees with the technical and/or artistic specialists of the manufacturers.

Adhering to a single style in the design of signage can achieve easy recognition of the exclusive brand, as well as strengthen the image of the company. The main thing is not to overdo the imagination and overload of complex information, otherwise you can get the opposite result, which will help to concentrate attention or even repel the views of passers-by and visitors.

Determining the budget of financing for the manufacture of signage or their greater number, do not forget that competently presented advertising and calling information can in the future will ensure a stable flow of new customers, spectators or fans. What in turn will bring for the company where great benefits from attracted investment, visiting your events or shops throughout the time of interest compared to the cost of producing signs. For example, here you can find an interesting enough version of the sign that can attract the attention of your visitors and potential customers

Depending on the location of the future signage there are different requirements for rigidity, shape and availability of additional lighting. For example, for outdoor installation, it is necessary that the base materials and decorations have water repellent/tightening properties and a solid and stable base for a secure installation. Stainless, galvanized or aluminium sheets are used more often, as well as plastic panels which are more accessible. Special machines and presses are used to produce complex or voluminous forms from iron. And for pasting large posters – use a large-format color printing on printers with PC control. Vinyl stretch marks are also very popular. Durable self-adhesive film is easy to lay down on any flat surface. It can be in glossy or matt shades.

External or internal backlighting can be effectively used for lighting in the dark. In addition, a shimmering effect can be created, which will serve as a source of additional attention during the daytime as well. Using halogen, fluorescent or modern LED lights, as well as colored neon images, you put the reputation and recognition of the brand or company name in a clearly better position than signs without backlighting. An additional advantage will help you create light letters with internal backlighting. This helps to make any sign easy to read and to highlight services or a name among others. Neon-backlit light letters can give any word or phrase a more expressive look and interest.

By entrusting the production of signage professionals in this case, you can significantly reduce the time for production and at the same time to install or fix a complex or heavy construction in the most attractive place. Outdoor advertising, large format printing and advertising placement you can order in the agency Fortuna Visual Group. This is a professional company, which can guarantee you the highest level of service.