Male impotence: how to recognize and defeat it in time?

The frantic rhythm of life, polluted ecology and water, low-quality food, addiction to alcohol, nicotine and drugs have a devastating effect not only on the health of the entire body of the modern man, but also on his sexual power. Erectile dysfunction suffers to some extent every fourth representative of the stronger sex after forty years of age. Impotence begins gradually, over time, gaining momentum. Missing the first “bells”, the man risks running the disease, with which then cope very difficult. 

First of all, pay attention to the following signs of the disease: poor erection, sluggish penis in the morning, inability to achieve orgasm, decreased libido, indifference to sex, premature ejaculation. With minor symptoms begin global problems, which can be too late to solve. To avoid neglecting the disease, it is recommended to immediately contact a doctor. A specialist will conduct a diagnosis, identify the cause of the ailment, determine the degree of its development, and prescribe an individual treatment. A comprehensive approach will help to get rid of the existing problem forever, to establish a full sexual life. In addition, you can buy specialized medicines here

Features of impotence treatment

The earlier you identify the disease, the easier it is to defeat it. Observe your body, sensations during sexual intercourse. Any alarming deviations should not go unnoticed. You will regain your former strength and sexual health, visiting the doctor on time and strictly following his instructions.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of impotence includes:

  • The use of medicines based on components that improve blood circulation in the intimate area. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are the most popular of them. Unlike the first two, Levitra is the most new and improved drug, which is much better perceived by the body. It is easy to buy Levitra, it is enough to visit a specialized store or pharmacy;
  • Psychotherapy (work with a psychologist or psychotherapist). Especially necessary if the nature of the origin of impotence is psychological;
  • Passing physical procedures. These include vacuum treatment, massage, shockwave therapy;
  • Establishing a healthy lifestyle, proper balanced diet, regular exercise or any kind of sports, giving up bad habits, frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • In advanced cases, when conservative therapy is powerless, prescribe surgical treatment of impotence, which consists of prosthetics penis or intervention in the blood vessels.

The most effective, simple, inexpensive and safe treatment is timely prevention. Thinking about future health at an early age, you can avoid any treatment. Healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, physical activity is the key to good health and strong manhood at any age. If you are looking for special medications, visit