Increase Your Cool Quotient With The New Pom-Pom Trend

Gone are those days when you thought pom poms were only for cheerleaders. In fact, the pom-pom trend has taken the fashion world by a storm and everyone seems to be rocking it with élan.

What Is The Pom-Pom Trend

The pom-poms have become the hottest trend this season and we are thrilled that fashion designers have actually seen the potential in these colourful balls of fun. The pom-pom pieces have sprouted up on almost everything, including this season’s shoes and bags. Fortunately, you have come to the right place and you will soon know how to rock the pom-pom look. Thanks to some far-thinkers in fashion, the pom-poms have also been added as tassels onto our blouses and even sun hats and clutch bags.

So, if you want to rock an island/beach vibe without going to the island or the beach, then you should know how to wear the pom-pom fashion. And in this article, we will tell you all about how to rock the pom-pom trend!

Pom-Pom Bags

You saw them first on Kylie Jenner’s phone and you wondered what that was. It looked like a rabbit’s fluffy tail. Soon, the fashion forward teen began sporting the pom-pom trend in so many different ways. In fact, we think that she was one of the first fashionistas who actually brought this trend to the forefront. Take a look at some of the pom-pom bags that are in the fashion circuit right now. We are sure you would love to pick up at least one of them!