How To Wear High Waisted Shorts With Anything And Everything

If high waisted jeans weren’t enough alone, we now have the high waisted shorts to style. Well, don’t split the ends of your hair straining your brain brooding on what to wear with high waisted denim short. There are honestly more stylish ways to wear the shorts with high waist than you can even imagine. And I have jotted a few of the most popular styles for you.

What To Wear With High Waisted Denim Short

1. You can achieve a super boho look in a high waist shorts. Just team it up with the loosest tank top in your closet and pick up the longest front open sweater you have ever seen. Humongous heels are optional though, I would always vote for them.

2. While winters are going to extend till February in a lot of regions, you don’t have to worry on how to wear high waisted shorts in this chill. You can still rock your favorite pair of shorts by teaming them up with a pair of thigh-high woolen socks, which apparently look really cool. In a chilly weather, add a cute scarf and a beanie for added layering and some style.

3. For the shy babes not that comfortable showcasing the booties in the open – you girls can actually use this pair of high waist jeans as a beach cover up. This will help you cover up some big chunk of your skin while you relax by the beach or the pool.

4. One may also use these high waisted jeans to get some super casual and rocker-inspired look. All you got to do is get yourself a loud graphic tee. Now tuck your tee inside your shorts. Complete the look with a pair of bright heels that speak out the mood.

5. You can continue wearing your pair of high waisted shorts even during the spring time. How about you warm it a little with a cozy little sweater and comfy sneakers. Now that will make the look really cute and uber casual!

6. And there is of course this most common way to wear high-waisted shorts – couple it with a crop top. Let’s face it, these two are just so made for each other, there is not a chance in a million that it wouldn’t work.

7. For beginner with crop tops, I’d suggest start off with showing a little bit of your abs by wearing those cute high-waisted shorts with a shirt that features a front tie. This pinup girl inspired look can just be worked out by wearing a regular button up shirt and knotting it up the end of the shirt.