How to determine whether there are problems with potency

Professionals confidently state that the body of every man is capable of a lot, and to discover sexual reserves if desired is quite possible. You should begin, of course, with the identification of possible health problems. In this case – problems with potency. If you have problems that do not occur constantly, then it makes sense to buy drugs on the site This will help you quickly eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and enjoy a full sexual life.

What does potency depend on?

The first and main factor to determine the level of potency and possible problems is age:

  • At 20, a young man is ready to have sex almost all day long;
  • By 30 a man calms down and enters a measured sexual rhythm;
  • At 40 a man has sufficient reserves, strength and experience;
  • After 50 the body gradually undergoes changes concerning the decline in sex hormones, so that the implementation of sexual desire requires more effort.

But it is worth saying that age does not so much depend on the marking in the passport, as on the wear and tear of the body. There are cases where a seventy-year-old man is able to give a head start to the 30-year-old. That is why in assessing men’s strength and health in general, uses the so-called “biological age” determined by various tests and studies:

  • the cardiovascular system;
  • the nervous system;
  • respiratory system;
  • hormone and cholesterol levels;
  • elasticity of tendons;
  • responsiveness.

If the organism is in good condition, the biological age is equal to the passport age, or even less. But more often the opposite happens:

  • the blood vessels can’t cope with the strain;
  • there are high levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • there is shortness of breath, etc.

That is why with age men are more and more interested in their own level of sexual activity, the body’s reserves.

Where to go to determine the problems with potency?

To answer the question about the level of potency and the presence of problems with it, you do not need sex marathons and comparisons with colleagues and friends. Just a visit to a specialist is enough. Andrologist will examine your physical capabilities and will offer to fill out a questionnaire, to answer the questions honestly – in your own interest. The survey is necessary in order to rule out problems directly related to erectile dysfunction. After all, the male power is affected by all the processes of the body:

  • hormonal shifts;
  • malfunctions in the nervous system;
  • impaired blood circulation;
  • psychological problems.

With the latter often help to cope drugs for potency, helping to regain self-confidence. Very often it happens that their single reception “reminds” the man of his capabilities and allows you to want to deal more thoroughly with the true cause of the problems with reduced libido, erection or irregular ejaculation. You can purchase various medications at There is a wide range of modern drugs for potency, which will definitely help you avoid unpleasant symptoms.