Handbag Trends 2018 You Will Love To Bag!

With winters almost on their way out, fashion is going to take more of a spring-summer twist. Dark colors will pave way for soft, moderate and minimalistic ones. A trend you will see in handbag trends 2018. When it comes to variety, you will see a bit of fabric and snakeskin here and there. A few louder prints, sparkles, and appliqués will be there to catch your attention.

1. Fringe On Your Bags:

Fringe has made it to the latest handbag trends of spring/summer 2018. At Balenciaga, sack-style bags were covered in a thick fringe cut out from a fabric.

For Calvin Klein, there was more fringe than the bag on the runway. But it looked chic nevertheless. For Versus Versace, Donatella created a bejeweled fringe on the bags that were ornate and symmetrical looking.

Fringe ruled on the top designer handbags 2018 for spring – a case in point, Christian Dior, Alexander Wang, Carven and more.

2. Solid Bags:

Talk of fashion handbags 2018 and sporty elements were also spotted on the runways for spring/summer 2018. Sporty bags could be seen in the form of solid backpacks and purses that looked perfect for extreme adventures.

Louis Vuitton was all about grey backpacks with a rounded top. Lunchbox style bags were also available in a similar design. In Balenciaga, you could see solid plastic handbags in striking colors – tough and sturdy looking they were impeccably designed.

3. Tassels:

They are always a fun element, and always add that extra zing to a purse or bag. Tassels could be seen in different shapes and sizes as a part of the handbag trends 2018.
Balmain came up with a round silver bag with silver tassels attached to its zipper (and you wanted to see gold tassels, is it?)

4. Bucket Bags:

A perfect choice they looked and make for the best handbags 2018 of summer. Their casual shape looks good while it scores utility points for holding a lot of things. Miu Miu bucket bags were particularly adorable with bottoms made of woven straw and leather strap giving them a professional vibe.

5. Triangular Hobo Bags:

When Hobo means Boho!

Hobo bags make for an easy and comfy choice. Coming to the latest handbag trends, many of the hobo bags were designed in a triangular shape.

Tom Ford hobo bags were made of plain black leather with a front pouch. In Michael Kors hobo bag, yellow crocodile skin was the perfect material for the drawstring. Navy suede was the material of choice for triangular-size hobo bag.