With trends, you need to be careful and use them better not in combination with each other, but separately. A bright example is Amber Heard’s outfit.

High waist skirts and pants, gathered on the belt, with us is not the first season. And, most likely, next summer we will also see this detail. Because it is a convenient and easy trend. But in combination with the thin straps of the top and the lowered cut-out line – it seems that the girl has a clear disproportion. And the torso in the upper part seems underdeveloped compared to the bottom and legs.

I have already said many times that the lowered neckline pulls down the whole silhouette. But it looks good when it comes, for example, about a long dress on thin straps.

When a certain disproportion is introduced into the image without this due to the displaced waistline, this problem should not be aggravated even more by the lowered notch.

To fix the situation is very simple. These pants are much more suitable standard t-shirts. A top could be a partner for denim shorts and capes on top.