‘You Made Me Feel Like Me Again’: Waterloo, Iowa Stylist Goes Out Of Way To Save Depressed Teen’s Hair

depressed teen hair

An Iowa stylist refused to shear a depressed teen girl’s matted locks and instead, spent an arduous 13 hours untangling each and every strand of her hair back to a near-perfect state.

Kayley Olsson of Waterloo, a hairdressing student, took to Facebook early last week to publicly recall a recent client’s heartbreaking request that, like millions across the internet, as the Daily Mail notes, may hit you deep in the “feels.”

The customer, a 16-year-old high school girl, walked into Olsson’s school and told the up-and-coming professional cosmetologist that after months of purposely mistreating her once-healthy hair — a side effect of a deep depression, the girl would later reveal — she had come into the salon to have it all cut off, in an effort to look appropriate for her high school’s then-upcoming student picture day.

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