Warning About Faulty Lead Testing In Children And Mothers Since 2014

faulty lead testing children mothers

Faulty lead testing means that thousands of children may need to be re-tested for lead poisoning, after a report found that standard tests may be inaccurate.

On Wednesday, the FDA warned that some blood tests used to check for lead poisoning in both women and children since 2014 may have incorrectly indicated that children were safe from lead exposure.

The New York Times reported that pregnant and nursing women, and children under six-years-old, may need to be re-tested.

The FDA’s concern is that original tests may have underestimated blood lead levels, thus giving parents false assurance. Young children and infants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning which can affect almost every system in the body and cause cognitive deficits.

Officials from the Food and Drug Administration said in a news conference that it’s the tests conducted by Magellan Diagnostics that are now in question.

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