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Andrew and Kimberly Powell: Dad, Mom Deny Imprisoning Feces-Covered Kids In Dark Room — Plead Not Guilty

Andrew and Kimberly Powell, the mom and dad of three kids ranging in age from two to six, are denying the Franklin County, Kentucky, sheriff’s charges against them — charges that were affirmed by a grand jury indictment this week — that have landed both of them behind bars in a child abuse case that the lawman called one if ...

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How To Keep That Belly Flat: Follow These Tips From Chris Powell And Other Experts

In the middle of summer it often hits us when donning that swimsuit or wearing that form-fitting tank, that our mid-section is perhaps not exactly as flat and fit as we would like. Health and fitness experts have the secret to ensure that you attain or maintain the desired flab-free belly. Chris Powell of ABC’s hit show Extreme Weight Loss ...

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