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Snoop, Sam Hunt — Strange, Stagecoach Bedfellows

[embedded content] Sam Hunt made an awesome move at Stagecoach Friday night, mixing country with hip hop as he invited Snoop and G-Eazy to the stage.  Sam’s stock in trade mixes country with mild rap, so it wasn’t a total left turn, but it was fantastic. The country fans embraced the Dogg like he was their own.   TMZ.com

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Angry campaign making strange bedfellows out of bedfellows

BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got off to a civil start on Thursday night. This election should be the Democrats’ finest hour, but it is tearing us apart! She’s too anxious and high strung. He’s too much of an angry guy. They should see eye to eye on every issue because, basically, they’re both progressives who care about ...

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