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Germany election: Merkel challenged by anti-migrant AfD

Voters in a north-east German state are due to go to the polls in a vote seen as a test of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies towards migrants and refugees. The anti-migrant and anti-Islam Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) could get more votes than Mrs Merkel’s CDU in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. This would weaken Ms Merkel ahead of national elections next year. However, ...

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Russian State TV Caught Manufacturing Anti-Migrant Quotes from French Citizens, Admits “We Occasionally Miss Things”

Still: YouTube Kremlin-appointed Russian media personality Dmitry Kiselyov, who once urged that the hearts of gay auto-accident victims “be either buried or burned” because they are “unsuitable” for organ donation, got called on some very creative bullshit this week. Several French residents interviewed for Kiselyov’s weekly show were shocked to see themselves railing against migrants on Russian primetime television, after ...

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