Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Out Of Control In One Pennsylvania County

Synthetic marijuana causes over 100 overdoses in Lancaster County, PA.

Synthetic marijuana is being blamed for nearly 160 overdoses over seven days in one Pennsylvania county. Between July 7 and July 14, Lancaster County emergency personnel responded to 115 calls to 911 related to synthetic marijuana or K2 overdoses, with many of the calls involving multiple victims.

According to first responders, the 158 synthetic marijuana overdose patients ranged in ages from 20 to 40. While the victims became extremely ill from the fake weed, no one died.

“We’re seeing very sick patients, individuals who have very low blood pressure, are unconscious, and they’re getting admitted to intensive care. This is also taxing the local hospitals that are well above capacity,” said C. Robert May with Lancaster Emergency Medical Services, as cited by CBS News.

“It ties up resources when other calls are coming in, and that results in delayed response times.”

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