Swimming In Vomit: Swimmers Horrified As Lifeguards Use Wave Machine To ‘Break Up’ Vomit In Public Pool

vomit public pool biohazard

Swimmers at a public pool at Cleethorpes Leisure Center in Lincolnshire were horrified with the way cleanup was handled – or not handled – after a woman vomited in the pool.

Swimmers were enjoying a day in the pool on Sunday at at Cleethorpes Leisure Center in Lincolnshire when a woman felt ill and vomited in the water. The swimmers – many of whom had children with them – watched in horror as the lifeguards could not decide what to do to clean up the vomit.

Metro reported that lifeguards seemed baffled as to how to handle the situation after the woman vomited, and called a manager over. The manager sent a lifeguard into the poll to “scoop up the lumps” and then did the unthinkable: he ordered the wave machine to be turned on to stir up the vomit.

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