Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Products Are Selling Out As Social Media Buzzes Over Lines Inclusivity

Rihanna, Fenty Beauty

On September 8, Rihanna released her new Fenty Beauty line of cosmetics in Sephora stores, which was met with a lot of excitement. One of the most important aspects of her makeup line was the idea of inclusivity, which is something that has certainly gotten social media buzzing. It is because of this desire to make sure that everyone is included in her cosmetics line, the Sephora exclusive lineup of products has been selling out its darker shades of makeup.

At the core of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty lineup are 40 different colors of foundation, which are getting rave reviews for not only their range of color, but also their overall quality. According to CNN, as of September 13 it seems that on Sephora’s website “eight of the 10 deep foundations” in her product line have already sold out. It is due to both their quality and diversity that Sephora is actually selling out their darker shades of Fenty foundations, both in store and online.

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