Long Eradicated Diseases Hidden In Permafrost May Run Rampant Again Thanks To Climate Change

Climate change and diseases

Diseases such as the bubonic plague and smallpox may once again make a resurgence thanks to climate change. Bacteria and viruses that have been dormant for thousands of years could once again come into contact with humanity as permafrost begins to melt, releasing the once frozen specimens back into the world. What would happen if these diseases that modern humans have never been into contact with, and have no immunity to, were to spring back to life? We may soon find out.

The BBC reports that many scientists are worried about the potential of long-dormant viruses springing back to life due to climate change. In fact, cases of anthrax in the Siberian have already been attributed to climate change and the release of anthrax from frozen carcasses once covered by permafrost. In August of 2016, a 12-year-old boy was killed and numerous people hospitalized after being infected by anthrax from a recently exposed reindeer carcass.

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