How You Could Unknowingly Be Harming Your Pet

owner tends to canine

New data has recently become available which shows that allergens from food not only affect humans, but animals as well. This new insight reveals knowledge into the many ailments that can harm pets. The study which was conducted by the interdisciplinary Messerli Research Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and of the Medical University of Vienna helps to correlate how food allergens are not only detrimental to people, but also to their animal friends.

With heightened gastrointestinal dysfunction, a greater measure of the population has begun to eliminate contributors such as gluten and dairy. The information revealed in the study shows that abstaining from similar foods may be beneficial to animals who show discomfort after eating. Adverse reactions in pets typically affect their skin or intestines. They are not as likely to develop asthma or severe shock, which can cause death in their human counterparts.

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