How Planned Parenthood Can Be Defunded And The GOP Can Still Help Women In New Healthcare Bill [Opinion]

Planned Parenthood

Many women were upset with the Republican Party over their latest attempt at a healthcare bill, with many upset due to Planned Parenthood being defunded. But there is a way the GOP can do this and still help every American woman. Everyone knows Planned Parenthood as the “abortion place,” but they and millions of women will tell you that they are much more than that. Due to being funded by the federal government, Planned Parenthood offers several key female services.

Things like mammograms, low cost birth control, and numerous other exams that females need access to. Hospitals or other primary doctors can be expensive, with or without insurance, for numerous women. Planned Parenthood has become a key option for help in these areas. Interestingly, despite all of these services, the abortion part is what sticks out to people. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, one thing is true: Planned Parenthood does do abortions, but they also do much more.

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