Girl With Autism At Risk Of Starving Because Tesco Discontinued Its Potato Alphabets

Tesco supermarket attendants

A mother is seeking help for her five-year-old autistic daughter who’s now in a “life or death situation” after Tesco decided to discontinue the only thing she wanted for supper – potato alphabet shapes. Nicola Passey, 31, from Rugeley, Staffordshire explained to the Mirror that Ruby’s condition makes her extremely selective of the things she eats.

Nicola details that her daughter “would rather starve than eat anything else.” The youngster knows Tesco’s own brand of potato alphabet shapes. According to the worried mother, “if they smell different, are different sizes, are a different color, she just won’t eat them.”

Ruby is used to having the potato letters either with chicken dippers or turkey dinosaurs. If it’s just the chicken or turkey, she will refuse to eat.

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