E-Cigarette Users Who Also Smoke Experience More Respiratory Symptoms Than Conventional Smokers

Smokers who also use e-cigarettes experience more common respiratory symptoms than conventional smokers, according to materials provided by the European Lung Foundation and presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress. Two different studies explain the reported risks associated with e-cigarettes, and many are finding the reports surprising.

The first study examined 122 commonly sold e-cigarettes in Europe. The researchers discovered that every single one of the e-cigarette liquids they tested contained at least one substance known to pose risks to human health.

The second study involved surveying over 30,000 people living in Sweden. The study found that people who smoke e-cigarettes as well as conventional cigarettes are more likely to experience more respiratory symptoms like wheezing, coughing up mucus, and persistent cough than people who smoke conventional cigarettes alone. This information will be presented by behavioral scientists Dr. Linnea Hedman at Umea University in Sweden, according to Science Daily.

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