Christopher Miller Sets Legal Precedent In Tennessee Kratom Case [Opinion]

Kratom petition draws over 50,000 signatures; botanical seen as providing real relief to opiate addicts.

An exciting precedent was set regarding kratom’s legality in Tennessee this week. The presiding District Attorney in Nashville retired the case entirely. Earlier this month, I contacted Nashville’s Metro PD in regards to the article I had written about Christopher Miller’s arrest. I wanted to make sure that they not only knew that the information they were quoting (that kratom was a synthetic, that it was an opiate and the list of supposed side effects) was not only factually incorrect but that it was also based on information from Narconon. Unlike Narcanon, a respected self help group, Narconon is a Scientology affiliated group that has been implicated in multiple wrongful death suits as well as at least one case of kidnapping here in Tennessee. There response was that they had been made aware already and that they had updated their information to reflect that.

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