Pins 'obsolete within five years' – and pay with mobile or fingerprints instead

New technology including vein scanners and voice recognition will foil fraudsters, according to banks and payment providers  The Pin number will vanish within the next five years as banks replace the four-digit password with new technology that reads your fingerprints, vein pattern or voice, according to experts. Banks ...

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Google Plus isn't a dead horse – it's doing exactly what it was meant to

The new Google+ design feature a left-hand navigation ‘ribbon’  Although I’ve never once logged into my Google Plus account, it has been quietly drawing a picture of me since 2011. Google says I’m a 25-32 year old female with 34,052 email conversations, 92 Google documents, more than 2000 ...

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Facebook will let you hide your ex's statuses to make breaking up less depressing

Facebook is introducing the new tools for users in America at first Photo: Alamy Facebook is testing a new feature that will offer to hide an ex’s status when two people break up. The social network announced that it was trialling the new feature for mobile users in the ...

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