Bolivia’s Tsimane Tribe: What Makes Their Hearts So Healthy?

Bolivia's Tsimane Tribe: What Makes Their Hearts So Healthy?

One may wonder what’s the secret behind the Tsimane tribe’s unusually good heart health. By the looks of it, it may all boil down to this Bolivian tribe’s rather peculiar diet.

A report from the Washington Post offered an in-depth look at the Tsimane’s heart-healthy diet, which may include different types of monkeys for dinner, such as capuchins or howlers. Other unusual food choices may also be included, such as hog-nosed coons and peccaries, the latter of which are a breed of wild pig. And should the Tsimane prefer a meal of fish, they could favor catfish, which isn’t that unusual, or maybe piranhas, which are far better known as fearsome predators than a dinnertime option. These Bolivian tribesmen also gather wild fruits and nuts, or gather rice, plantains, and corn from farm plots.

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