Are Flu Vaccines Safe During Pregnancy? Researchers Find Inconclusive Link Between Flu Shots And Miscarriages

Researchers find potential link between flu vaccines and miscarriages.

For years pregnant women have been having second thoughts on whether it’s safe for them to take the flu vaccine for fear that doing so would cause them to miscarriage. The default consensus among scientists is that the vaccine is completely safe for pregnant women, and are in fact recommended to reduce the risk of influenza, which has been proven to cause birth defects.

In a new study published Wednesday in the journal Vaccine, scientists have found the first potential link between flu vaccines and miscarriage early in pregnancy, specifically among pregnant women who received the flu vaccine for two years in a row, Washington Post reports. The findings, however, suggest an association, not a causal link, meaning that other variables may have caused the potential link to manifest itself in the study.

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