Another Zika Mosquito Identified: Citizens Urged To Curb Mosquito Breeding As Uncertain If They Spread Virus

Zika caused microcephaly in newborn Inti Perez

Another type of mosquito carrying the Zika virus has been found. Scientific researchers report that the Asian tiger mosquito, a fairly common mosquito, was found to carry traces of ZIKA RNA. The specimens were collected in Brazil and scientists conducted genetic testing on these mosquitoes. However, being a carrier of the Zika virus does not automatically mean that the Asian tiger mosquito spreads the virus as well.

It is generally accepted that the main carriers of the Zika virus is Aedes aegypti, commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito. These mosquitos are common backyard mosquitoes and are found throughout the globe, although they do thrive in warm tropical climates, much like the climate in south Florida and south Texas. These two regions are the only places where home-grown mosquitoes have been discovered.

Chelsea Smartt, an associate professor at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, adds a caveat to the warmer climate mosquitoes tend to thrive in.

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