A UK Clinic Can Now Create Babies From Three Parents

UK Babies from 3 parents

A team of scientists in the UK has been given the permission to create babies from three parents, CNN reports. UK’s Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority had already green-lit the technique in December 2016. And now they are allowing a clinic at Newcastle University to carry out the technique with the public.

The technique, known as mitochondrial donation, will allow babies to be made from two women and a man. In this “in vitro” method of fertilization, a faulty mitochondria inherited from the mother can be replaced by a healthy mitochondria belonging to another woman, so as to ensure that mitochondrial diseases are not passed along to the child. Mitochondria, a component within every cell of the human body, is responsible for providing energy to the cells. It contains 1 percent of the cell’s genetic material, the DNA. This mitochondrial DNA is inherited from one’s mother and can only be passed along from the mother through her eggs.

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