Daily Archives: May 14, 2017

Long Eradicated Diseases Hidden In Permafrost May Run Rampant Again Thanks To Climate Change

Diseases such as the bubonic plague and smallpox may once again make a resurgence thanks to climate change. Bacteria and viruses that have been dormant for thousands of years could once again come into contact with humanity as permafrost begins to melt, releasing the once frozen specimens back into the world. What would happen if these diseases that modern humans ...

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Human Sense Of Smell Isn’t Bad, And Is Much Better Than We Give It Credit For, Says Neurobiologist

The human sense of smell has often been thought of as our species’ Achilles heel, at least when compared to other living creatures. While people are obviously capable of doing a great many things animals cannot do, and have a particularly keen sense of sight, it has long been believed that the tradeoff therein has been our rather weak sense ...

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