Daily Archives: April 1, 2017

World Autism Awareness Day: The Truth About Autism Awareness [Opinion]

Buildings and landmarks around the world will “light it up blue” tomorrow, in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day. Tweets will be tweeted, Facebookers will Facebook, millions will wear blue and feel they have done their part in the autism awareness revolution. While all of this goes on, parents and loved ones that support a child with autism will feel ...

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Insomnia Increases Heart Attack And Stroke Risk, New Analysis Finds

Those sleepless nights you’re having may have deadlier consequences than a simple lack of energy in the morning. According to a new meta-analysis of existing studies, insomnia and heart attack and stroke may have a closer link to each other than once thought. Simply put, insomnia is a condition where one has difficulty falling asleep, or tends to wake up ...

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Cigarette Tax To Impact California Smokers In A Big Way Starting Today

A new California cigarette tax is taking effect today, and it is no April Fool’s joke. An additional $ 2.00 per pack will now be charged on each pack of cigarettes. California smokers have known about the impending cigarette tax since November, when Proposition 56 was passed, and it has prompted some smokers to stock up on cartons of cigarettes ...

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