Daily Archives: March 11, 2017

Marijuana Use Likely Connected To Increased Strokes And Heart Failure

Marijuana use may come with some additional health risks. New research is suggesting that people who smoke weed are more likely to suffer a stroke or heart problems sometime in their lives than individuals who avoid the stuff. Researchers with Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, combed through medical records of millions of Americans looking to see how cannabis affects ...

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Deadly Fungal Infection: Candida Auris Sickens Dozens In U.S.

A deadly fungal infection, highly resistant to traditional drugs, has infected several dozen people in the United States since last summer. Known as Candida auris, the dangerous pathogen has been spreading worldwide since at least 2009. In a memo published in June 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned health practitioners about the deadly fungal infection. Candida ...

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